Learning a new language
will broaden your horizons
Learning a new language will broaden your horizons
Experience the journey
through words
Experience the journey through words
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Benefits of learning Spanish

Being bilingual in today´s world is a great advantage and provides you a competitive edge when looking for jobs and Spanish is one of the important language in the world.

Medical research has shown that people that learns a foreign language retards diseases such as Alzheimer and dementia in comparison to those only speak their mother tongue.

There are 21 countries where you can travel that speak Spanish, so if you learn the lenguage how you will have a better experience communicating effectively on your vacation.

Learning a new language is extremely satisfying. All the effort pays off when you are able to connect with other cultures and get an insight of them.

Learning a new language is extremely satisfying. All the effort pays off when you are able to connect with other cultures and get an insight of them.

+ The advantages of learning Spanish with us

The best way to learn a language is when the time comes to enjoy the class to the point that we forget that we are learning.

Our method is oriented so that the student actively produces 70% and the teacher a maximum of 30%.

We will study your learning style and your level in order to adapt our clases to your needs so you increase your strenghts and beaware of your weeknesses.

You learn from real-life examples and you will understand the meaning of structures through real uses. This will allow you to remember and use your language more accurately.

Our main goal is that we establish a great relationship when learning Spanish. If that was not the case in the past, we are compromised to do our best for you to rebuild your language learning knowledge. We are aiming to create and efficient and relaxing environment conducive to a valuable learning experience.

Enjoy the possibility to connect with the music, gastronomy, history and literature of the Hispanic world while learning the language.

They have made progress studying spanish with us

    Passionate, engaging, funny, encouraging, lively, ever mindful... these words best describe my Spanish teacher (and now dear friend), Maria Gabriela. María has been my teacher for more than a year and her classes with clear objectives, have contributed enormously to a much improved comprehension of my Spanish grammar.
    The sessions I had with Maria Gabriela were very easy to follow and to grasp. The needs of the student and his/her learning style are of paramount importance to her. When coupled with the care and commitment she displays it is easy to understand why the environment is conducive to learning.!
    Maria Gabriela is a knowledgeable and motivating teacher. Her lessons were well prepared and organized and she gave relevant homework exercises. I have been struggling with the Subjunctive mood in Spanish and I feel that she provided a rounded orientation for the use of the mood.
    Maria is a great Spanish teacher and lucky to find her online. Her classes are full of fun content and she is very patient in teaching the language. It's evident that she truly enjoys teaching and always brings positive energy to every class. She is also very professional, punctual and has a flexible schedule. She will also provide optional homework if you want to learn more on your own time. I highly recommend learning Spanish with Maria.
    To say that I look forward to classes with Maria, means a lot. I do not like to speak the language as I feel uncomfortable and fear making mistakes but Maria, as soon as you meet her, makes you feel comfortable and at ease in practicing conversational Spanish and in building your grammar and vocabulary. She creates an open space for learning. She listens to you and adjusts to your speed.

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